I know these lookbooks are flying all around the internet, in every blog you read, every tumblr you see, everywhere you follow, you know them by memory.
I simply wanted to recap my favorites looks, favorite shots, favorite videos and favorite look-books for further inspiration in this 2012 grunge, vintage 90's summer, though I am not enjoying summer here in Bolivia, winter is on it's last days and as the heat is coming I will not lose my chance of dressing up before I move to the freezing Moscow! so here it is :

1. UNIF- Poison Ivy.

these are just  few of my favorite shots, to see entire look-book; check it out here

summer '012 is on fire!!! I saw this look-book today and simply could not stop watching this video you should really check it out Drink coffee, smoke a ciggy and just get inspired! and no, TUMBLR

 is not allowed while you watch this!  ;)

3.Nasty gal summer '12

ok guys so this look-book definitely took the prize for me for some simple reasons I shall explain to you all. First of all, it's fucking Niki Takesh!. 
The first time I saw her no, was not in tumblr i'm not as cool as you!! I was "youtubing" and suddenly this video appeared

i was speechless my only words were. "dude, she's gonna be my best friend someday" I was literally saying this to my best friend ha!. Look at this babe totally working this look-book! I mean, when I saw it, I didn't think it was Nasty Gals, I thought Niki had pulled it off herself and Nasty Gal was just worshiping her or something!  here some shots :

check it out here

4.SEEK & DESTROY- Miracle eye summer Look-book. 


 Check it out here

what I love most about this look-book is that EVERYTHING YOU ARE SEEING was been genius-ly thought of and been crafted by Larissa and her mom, yes, the clothes are handmade  and you should really check it out it's awesome!

Now last but not least.

5. Some Velvet- Vintage summer look-book

check out the Some Velvet blog here

I saw this look-book and feel cause the owner of Some Velvet herself is pretty much Beautiful in every aspect I saw this give away on her blog once and I twitted the dress I wanted, I saw a notification reply by her I seriously wanted to faint I thought I had won or something and the reply just said, "witch dress did you like?, the permalink isn't working" I was so sad but that didn't destroy the love I have for her brand so here I am telling you people to run!! run to theses stores and buy everything :))

so, this is my idea of perfection in summer I really hope you guys liked the post I put my heart and time into it and while doing it I was eating a chocolate cake with some raspberry tea, if that isn't enough to prove that i put my heart&soul into it, then I dont know what is! :) I'll catch up to you guys laterz and I hope this really inspires you 


  1. wow. the outfits looks amazing! your blog is very interesting ans good *_* would you like to follow each other? :)


    1. yeah sure! I always follow everyblog I can i rlove to read I'm just not really that good in finding them!