León - Como Tú (video oficial con letra)

maybe you've heard of zoe, maybe you haven't you just need to know it's one of my favorite bands ever, they're mexican sexy daddies lol the thing is the lead singer Leon Larregui, (the love of my life) just got out a solo album and it's fucking amazing, I went to see them in concert and I was in the second row and just yelled "leon rape me" in every intermission he kept sending me kisses and winks I almost died
I know my story had nothing to do with anything about anything but t was simply funny, anyways I hope you guys like!


  1. Hi Thepyy :) lovee your looks and your style!
    You have nice blooog ^^
    Folloow you thaaan noow!
    Hope you want follow me back ;)


    1. omg yes! I saw your support on LK.nu :)
      thank you so much
      I will be entering your blog right now :)))