I'm Losing my Favorite Game.

So I was wearing this look a few days ago I was in my friends studio he just looked at me and said to me " you were honestly born to be a woodsman" I almost cried of laughter I swear i mean I loved the look, The "Revolt" Dungaree ad the Doc Martens  but I guess some people dont always feel the same! :) Hope you guys like it!!

Hace unos dias estaba usando este look, fui al estudio de uno de mis amigos y me miro y me dijo "enrelidad naciste para ser lenhadora no?" jajajaja casi mori de la risa pero Yo ame el look y el overall y los Dr. Martens, aveces a mucha gente no le gusta lo q te pones pero no te tiene q importar!!! :)


  1. Love this outfit, reminds me of Rita Ora in her video RIP.
    Great blog by the way, I would love to follow each other? Check out my blog and let me know :)



    1. yeah would be fun to follow each other <3 thanks so much!!!

  2. This is so 90s and oh so good ;) Plaid + denim never goes too wrong anyway.