I Kissed the Lips of Lightning.

hey guys! I'm so excited about this post! I'm wearing an old bikini top from the 90's actually when I was a child my parents made me believe it was a bikini top; actually at that age it fit me like a maxi dress haha anyways I found it hidden away and had so many awesome memories I just needed to see if it fit again and it did :) so I planned a look for it, I really got inspired in the 90's,  Lua Perez inspired me on the Chunky shoes that I also found hidden away and the leather pleated skirt is one of my favorite new acquisitions its H&M. I'm so In love with the fact that the 90's are coming back, I remember a decade ago everything was about the 80's and I was still obsessed with all that stuff but just like going back to my childhood style gave me back so many memories The best memory I had so far is when I moved back to Bolivia and I was obsessed with blue lipstick and Zenon, do you guys remember that movie? gosh everybody here looked at me weird when I used to sing to nirvana I was just a weird alien kid from the states that moved to the most boring country ever! I mean come on people! Bolivia is seriously so boring people actually come to live here when they retire! hahaha anyways its always fun to make a revolution or turn heads :) tell me your favorite childhood memory from the 90's :) I seriously cant believe it's going to be 20 years this year since I was born :( in my head I'm still 5 years old in 1997!! upload links tomorrow! good night :)

hola chicos! estoy súper emocionada sobre esta nueva entrada en mi blog! en las fotos estoy usando el top de un bikini q tenia en los 90's cuando era una ninha y mis padres me hicieron pensar q era el top de un bikini en realidad me quedaba como un vestido maxi haha de cualquier manera lo encontré escondido y cuando lo vi se me vinieron tantos recuerdos a la cabeza que necesitaba ver si me entraba y si, me entro :) entonces planee el look para el top, me inspire mucho en los 90's, Lua Perez me inspiro con los zapatos de suela gruesa que también encontre escondidos y mi falda de capas de cuero que es una de mis adquisiciones nuevas favoritas es de H&M. Estoy tan enamorada con el hecho de que los 90's esta volviendo de moda me acuerdo que hace una decada los 80's estaban de moda y yo estaba obsesionada con todo eso pero ahora es como volver a mi infancia y a ese estilo que tenia que me dio tantos recuerdos. El mejor recuerdo que tuve hasta ahora es cuando me mude de vuelta a Bolivia y estaba obsesionada con el labial azul y zenon, se acuerdan de esa película? pucha, todos me miraban raro cuando cantaba canciones de nirvana simplemente era una ninha alíen de los Estados Unidos que se mudo al país mas aburrido del mundo! me refiero a, ya pues gente!  Bolivia es tan aburrido que todos se vienen a vivir aqui cuando se retiran! jaja de cualquier manera siempre es divertido volcar cabezas y hacer una revolución. dime cual es tu memoria favorita de los 90's? yo sinceramente no puedo creer q con este anho ya serán 20 anhos desde que nací. en mi cabeza sigo teniendo 5 en 1997! subo los links manhana! buenas noches :)


MARIE MADELEINE - The Nihilist Song from ekleroshock on Vimeo.


Whats the time, Whats the day? Go on leave me.

hey guys new look I wanted to post this before uploading it to LB and chictopia :) cause whenever I post after uploading them, I never have time in the afternoon and I do messy things to my blog ha! 
I wanted to wear this lace vest for a while now I haven't worn it for months and I'm just so jealous you guys on top (Europe, US, Canada, etc) are in summer right now, I'm in winter it's so cold, I mean in the morning its freezing air in the afternoon its FU&^%$ hot and by 6 PM it's already nigh time and it's cold again bipolar weather, I know but I just cant stand it cause in the afternoon I'm like super chill and then I have to put layers of clothes at night it sucks, anyways the vest is vintage (as most of my clothes are) I cant actually buy many labeled clothes here in Bolivia A) because new labels don't arrive and i have to order them on the internet and trust me it's pricey. and B) there are so many amazing vintage items over here that cost almost nothing AND I always have my moms old closet to investigate, filled with pieces of clothing that the labels don't exist anymore that are from the 70's 80's and 90's ITS FUCKING AWESOME I'm gonna take pictures of it and show you why I think it's paradise :)  the dress I'm wearing is actually a midi skirt xD my best friend and I have this theory that skirts are dresses if you can imagine them AS dresses and yeah thats what we do. It's a vintage "no boundaries" and the belt is romwe :) it's green just like the skirt and I love the Gold details :) the socks I added just because I was fucking cold but they looked nice at least I think so and the shoes are also vintage they were my mothers! so.. we can say this is a vintage look :) hope you guys like aaaaaand I shall be uploading links tomorrow :) good night and people up North, Good Morning :) 

hola! poste este "look" nuevo ahorita porque cuando posteo las fotos en la tarde en LB y chictopia no me alcanza el tiempo para explayarme en escribir y mi blog es un desastre! ha!
Queria usar este chaleco ya hace un tiempo, no lo use en meses y la verdad estoy muy celosa del clima en el Norte del mundo porque están en verano y yo estoy sufriendo un terrible invierno, osea, en la manhana es helado, en la tarde hace MUCHISIMO calor y para las 6 anochece y hace MAS frio, el clima es bipolar! lose, no lo aguanto porque en la tarde esta super bien y luego tengo q ponerme capas de ropa encima de lo que ya tengo puesto -.- de cualquier manera el chaleco es vintage (mucha de mi ropa lo es) la verdad no puedo comprarme mucha ropa de marca porque A) no llega a Bolivia mucha y tendria que pedirmelas por Internet lo cual me cuesta un ojo de la cara, y B) hay tanta ropa vintage aca que cuestan casi nada Y siempre tengo el ropero viejo de mi madre lleno de ropa de los 70's, 80's y 90's el cual es INCREIBLE! le sacare photos al ropero para mostrarles porque es el paraiso! :) el vestido que uso enrealidad es una falda "midi" xD mi mejor amiga y yo tenemos una teoria de que las faldas SIEMPRE pueden convertirse en vestidos si tienes la imaginacion suficientemente grande como para lograrlo, y eso es lo que hacemos es "no boundaries" y el cinturón a la cintura es de romwe :) es verde igual que la falda pero me encanta el detalle dorado :) las medias, las puse ahi por el frio (mis pies son super sensibles) pero se ven bien, eso creo y los zapatos también son vintage eran de mi madre osea que este es un look vintage :) ojala les guste y estare subiendo los links manhana o luego, buenas noches y gente en el Norte, Buenos dias :)



I did it and got 9 out of 10 lol I failed the last question cause of a stupid name! you should really try it its super fun :)

On the run.

the room is pink I KNOW! haha this dress is really vintage i put "me" cause i kind of modified it but i didnt make ot from zero besides the label i think doesnt exist anymore and i just didnt know what to put on the brand part thingy the sweater is amazing, as you know im suffering winter and its super warm to have a good sweater cause i get really get cold and the boots are american eagle they are super old but i just love to wear them when it rains so my feet dont get wet :( hahahahahaha the net tights really surprised my dad i loved the reaction in his face when he saw me wearing them i know he was probably thinking that im a prostitute or something cause he is super old fashioned and that was what happened when girs used to wear fishnet tights in his days lol have an amazing day hope you like hype chic fan follow and follow :)  ba bye


My Tears Dry on their Own.

so, it was a cold day today I didn't want to leave my room but I had to =/ (for me ITS NOT SUMMER :( ) I had a birthday to go to so I put net tights i don't know why I always assume they will keep me warm hahaha I guess it's like they say out there "everything is psychological" and yeah probably yeah cause I didn't freeze like I though I would... btw I bought them in a street market here in bolivia for 3 dollars :) the socks are super old lol and the Dr. Martens are always awesome <3 the dress is Old Navy and the Jacket is Gap. the hat I bought at a second hand store.
My room is super pink as you can tell.. I'm actually not that pink (personality wise) but I don't like the sun in my face so I always keep the drapes closed and I really really like the color thats illuminates my room in the day its like this pinkish dark look its really fun and trippy anyways yeah... you can probably tell by the color of the photos, really pink ha! oh the teddy bear on my bed is called "brotherly" he's the love of my life, my boyfriend gave him to me and I cant sleep unless its there.. its weird I know but he goes EVERYWHERE with me! hope you like & will be uploading links tomorrow cause right now I want to sleep a little. Visit my http://littleballoffur3.tumblr.com/ People!!


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Last one i swear!

ok so... hahahah i got excited downloading pics and just didnt want to delete them without leaving them somewhere that i'd be able to see them again whenever i wanted to i swear the post after this one os gonna be about clothes! (mine) haha enjoy pics :)

sooo i dont think these pics need explanation except arnolds room man, that room has been on my mind since im five, i mean... its the room of my dreams and when i have my own place im going to make a rook ust like this one for my son or something lol hope you guys enjoyed see you tomorrow or laterz =* xx