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well today i went to a model casting it was super funny cause the girl looked at me and she said.. are you wearing under garments underneath that dress.. and i was like.. NO -.- _(of course i was) lol and she said.. ok come back in the afternoon with a short and a top dont you know about these thing?? and i was like.. do you not know anything about fashion?? im not changing and she was like.. fine. come back in the afternoon and i left hahaha i got a coffee and went to the supermarket to buy something filled with calories :) cause i is hungryyy hope you guys like!!! if you have a lookbook.nu account please hype!


quote of the week

“To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all of the miseries of life.” Somerset Maugham.

i just read this quote and fell in love because i am an obsessive reader, i love entering into a world unknown in my head with the help of writers guiding me more into it.. you know?? just wanted to share the feeling i found it at: http://thefrenchsampler.blogspot.com/.

i am truely in love with this blog... you should give it a look :)


a crow left of the murder



the dress im wearing is actually a fishtail skirt i made, i just wanted to try it as a dress and it worked pretty well, will be wearing it as a skirt soon :) hope you guys like! the round glasses im wearing i bought them at a vintage store for 3 dollars!!! i love bolivian prices! 

hard candy





guys please follow my lookbook and hype if you like the photo, this is the photo i was talking about the one from the shoot. Natalia Daphne took the photo and the look was supposed to be more bohemian sexy hipster or wanna be hipster something just something random the vest is vintage the lined swinsuit is vintage but its also super sexy and the skirt is cut by me the heels are bamboo :) hope you like.



well, today i had the funnest day ever i was at this photoshoot with @Natalia Daphne and the shoot was between friends and it was super cool super hipster party people i'll be uploading some pics tomorrow to show you how i was dressed but just imagine a wig and round glasses :)

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard



this picture was taken by one of my best friends Natalia Daphne she is a photographer and she has a awesome imagination! we put these photos together for a photography book she is doing to win a residence in spain, anyways i put the outfit together and she did the amazing job! the link to her FB page is this one.                 https://www.facebook.com/pages/NataDaphne
enter if you like and like if you wish it would be such a great thing if you liked her photographs :)
the corset is victorias secret, the skirt is forever 21 and the heels are glaze from agaci :)

im just a girl in the world


ok, so this look is very sweet and very cute and stuff, actually i cut all of the pieces of clothing in this look... the shirt was a granny shirt and i cut it into a waterfall kind of blouse and the skirt was actually a short.. a vintage short that looked like a middie skirt super wierd anyways i cut it right above the separation line from the legs and it turned into a skirt :) the heels are bamboo and the purse is vintage i love that purse so much because of the color and yes there is a cigarrette in the picture, it is a marlboro blue and i smoke.. if you dont like it im really sorry but theres not uch i can do about that! lol happy sunday!

i'll forgive and forget before im paralyzed

ok, so i uploaded this photo to lookbook like to days ago xD i dress different everyday im just a little lazy when it comes to editing photos so i upload whenever i can.
the shirt is DIY, i took it from my boyfriends closet, he didnt even realize it but he was surprised to see it cut and wore by me though he liked it but he was in shock. anyways the skirt is from one way and the heels i got in agaci they are glaze.. hope you guy like the look :)

ohhh and i forgot!! the morning u was wearing this outfit i was walking down the street doing some horrible paper work for a scholarship in russia and this very famous bolivian model agent came by me and asked me if i wanted to model and he told me to go on monday to the agency and make a ocntract so im avery excited about that im thinking about doing a modeling book to take it to russia and continue modeling over there while i study fashion something lol not sure if design or merchandising i really wish i could be a stlist and a designer 

ok.. so this is my lookbook account.. im going to start uploading my photos here where i left of on lookbook just because there are more photos and im a little too lazy to talk about each one right now, its 7 am and.. no lol :)


hope you guys enjoy!!

first post

ok, so i started a blog just because of lookbook and maybe cause i felt a little retarded and antique cause i did not blog at all and it seems nessesary for me now, haha im going to be uploading photos and many other things like daily stories about what im wearing my opinios about fashion trends and stuff like that.. hope to get more followers soon :)

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