so a friend came back from the states and we just love photography so we were on a mission to get some pretty awesome pictures taken but it all turned into to this messy gum chewing wreck :) my shirt is a fan shirt from the band tool <3 and the dress or skirt iI'm wearing is vintage it cost me 3 dollars! :) the shoes are also vintage and I am so sad to tell you guys that I left this black hat on a cab and lost it I am now suffering a great loss and will be looking for more black hats now, lol hope you enjoy I'll upload the links later and hope you guys like the pics!! :)


I fell in Love at the seaside.

hey guys! I love this look so much it was perfetc for the cold weather, thank god its already like. sort of spring I can wait for it to be fully spring I have some shorts I really want to wear :) anyways the robe is victorias secret the dress is vintage and the lace shirt is romwe I took this photo in my balcony hope you guys like :) 


Back to the Rhythm & Back to the beat of the Radio.


hey guys new look, I know I've disappeared I simply just have been so frustrated lately I'm moving to Russia in literally a month I'm spending a lot quality time with my boyfriend everyday thinking about my trip and what clothes to take what things I need to buy and stuff and to top it off the battery in my computer died and my charger committed suicide after that so, if I ever get the chance to go on line its on my boyfriends computer and passing photos here and editing is much more complicated so yeah, anyways clothes! I found this shit thrown away in my house I simply loved it and came up with this look right away its from a vintage brand called "Way" and the shorts are "Levi's",  like it's winter here it's never really warm, everything's cold and the sun burns your face so horrible, I just didn't know when to wear it so I wore this in the afternoon to not die of cold!!! i added a billion chains and necklaces and the "Jeffrey Campbells" of course hope you guys like and follow and fan, I'll upload the links tomorrow have a good day :)



hey!! so I loved this look so much this robe is absolutely amazing it's Victoria's Secret and the pleated dress is vintage probably my mom's from the 90's :) the Lita's always look cool and the white cross is from the street market my sucks say fuck you if you didn't notice hoe you like, hype, chic fan and follow :) 


Ze Deveel.

hey guys! I know it's been ages since I posted something I just haven't had any time with my job and stuff but now I'm uploading a lot again :)  I was wearing this look a random day when at was at my brother from another mother's studio lol hahaha he's like my dad, he's a photographer and I was taking pictures outside his studio for my blog! :) the dress I'm wearing is actually not really qualified as a dress or a skirt is actually what you wear underneath them, I cant remember the name right now but my imagination was flowing and the desperation of not having new clothes to share came haunting me so I pulled this one off :) hope you guys can understand that! I'm also wearing a vest over a vest, I thought it looked cool the denim vest is gap and the squared vest is vintage, very cowgirl-ish! I'm also wearing Jeffrey campbell "Litas" and black socks, I'm eating a Willie Wonka Lollipop cause I was suffering of headaches because of my low blood preasure! and so my mommi gave me the lollipop to shut me up haha anyways hope you guys like hype, chic, fan and follow everywhere you want :) <3 



Party shoes , Ameena , Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM
Everyday shoes , Carmelia , Nelly  Shoes - NELLY.COM
Everyday shoes , Sasha , Samsøe Samsøe - NELLY.COM

people i am a shoe freak deffinetly i seriously am more desperate about getting to europe for the clothes more than anything!!! im killing myself here in Bolivia trying to find clothes i just need to get out!!! anyways hope you guys like these and the UNIF hellbounds are my newest eye candy till i can finally persue them :) i cant believe how many shoes i'm finding i'm seriously trying not to kill myself and stay alive for these shoes <3 lol

Versace ➤ Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Women Fashion Show

this is simply the best collection i've seen in... like the whole year i'm obsessed and i need those boots <3