I wish I was beautiful in your eyes.

Skirt- ZARA
black socks - Mango 
boots- vintage
plaid Tee- ZARA

hey, hi, hello... whats up?
I want today's post to be exceptionally long :) so if you want to read it please don't say I didn't warn you!.  The hat is from a new Argentinean brand names Made in Chola (it's my best friend's brand) it's super cute you should look for it on facebook :) 
so, I sent these pictures to my best friend at first just for her to approval (cause she's a photographer) and she could tell me if they suck or not...(and she oh so loves to criticize my looks as much as I love her critiquing them:)) ) (and I really have to stop putting brackets in everything) (gosh, I have to stop thinking so much) the thing is, I just trust her will better then mine sometimes, so her reply was "dude stop it with the plaid already" and while watching memoirs of a geisha and eating some delicious cheese ramen noodles I did realize I have been wearing the plaid shirt on the waist "Kurt Kobain" look a bit to much lately.. at first I was like... whatever I like it, You know when you like "a look" so much you try to simulate it everyday as if you were a cartoon character always with the same outfit and there was no way of not being able to remember which character that was, for me maybe pepper ann is the one I remember the most, her huge socks and puffy red hair, she was the coolest thing to me when I was about 7 so I started thinking it's not so bad having just one look represent you especially when you can manage to change garments everyday :') (IMPORTANT TO NEVER USE THE SAME EXACT CLOTHES TWO OR THREE DAYS IN A ROW PLEASE!!) especially if I have a million plaid shirts and it looks really sexy (sometimes) but then yes I remembered I do have a Fashion blog and I need to start mixing things up a little before you get bored of me and my nonstop talking self. So here I am telling you to love plaid as Much as I do. 
(did you see my wall??) I literally love it, some people from my dorm building came up to my room and asked me if I wanted it painted over (you can not imagine my angry face) I was just standing there looking at them like "you fool, get out of my face, get out of my room before I slap you silly" (I love writing it down as if I were a super aggressive person but the truth is that I have never slapped anyone before :( ) I think they really got it though cause they left immediately and now my wall is still with me (phew) ok, that's enough (I think). oh oh guys you should really listen to a song I'm really obsessing over. ok I'll attach it to the post, scroll down the spanish to listen to it.!
(talking about spanish) I don't even want to think about translating this horrible huge text now (I REALLY HAVE TO STOP THINKING SO MUCH (x2)) somebody should pay me to translate my own blog I would be super rich. I deserve to be super rich people!! whats going on?? haha and worst of all I'm thinking about also translating all this to russian, cause yeah... I also know Russian (sort of) I think I'm gonna shut up now. bye 
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hey, hola, holita, que tal? 
el sombrero es de una nueva marca Argentina que se llama Made in Chola (es mi mejor amiga) deverian verlo en Facebook los sombreos son preciosos :)
quiero hacer el post de hoy excepsionalmente largo :) asi que si lo lees, no digas que no te advertí!
al principio le envie estas fotos a mi mejor amiga para que las apruebe (por que es photographa) y me podia decir si apestan o no... ( y ella ama criticar mis looks tanto como yo amo que me los critique:))) ) (tengo que dejar de poner parentesis en todo) (dios, tengo que dejar de pensar tanto) la cosa es que, confio en su voluntad mas que en la mia aveces y su respuesta fue "dude ya basta con las camisas a cuadros" y mientras veia memorias de una geisha y comia unos deliciosos ramen de queso me di cuenta que si estuve usando la camisa a cuadros en la cintura "look Kurt Kobian" un poco mucho... y al principio yo estaba como... que mas da, a mi me gusta. Sabes cuando te gusta mucho un look y lo tratas de simular cada dia como si fueras un personaje de dibujitos animados que es dificil no saber cual es el personaje por su ropa, la que mas me "traumo" fue pepper ann, sus medias de puntos y cabello rojo gigante!! era la persona mas cool para mi cuando tenia como 7, y luego pense que no es tan mala que un look te represente especialmente si logras cambiar un poco cada día, (poleras de diferentes colores, pantalones, faldas... DETALLES) (ES IMPORTANTE NUNCA USAR LA MISMA ROPA DOS O TRES DUAS SEGUIDOS PORFAVOR!) especialmente si tengo millones de camisas a cuadros y se ve super secy (aveces) pero si, luego me acorde que tengo un blog de moda y tengo que variar mucho mas antes de que se aburran de mi, asi que aqui estoy para decirles que amen los cuadros tanto como yo!
(vieron mi pared?!!) LA AMO! unas "gentesh" de mi edificio vinieron a mi cuarto y me preguntaron si queria que lo pinten encima (no puedes imaginarte la cara de enojo que puse) solo me quede parada ahi mirandolos y diciendo con mis ojos "eres tarado o que te pasa? sal de mi cara, vete de mi cuarto antes de que te de un sopapo" (me encanta escribir que soy super agresiva porque nunca sopapee a nadie en mi vida haha) y creo que lo entendieron por que se fueron sin decir mas, (fiuw) y eso es todo (creo).
ah ah chicos estoy super traumada con una cancion y quiero que la escuchen, okok la posteare debajo del texto. 
hablando del texto, me daba miedo traducir todo este maldito texto!! (TENGO QUE DEJAR DE PENSAR TANTO x2) alguien me deberia pagar por traducir mi blog, seria super rica. Me merezco ser super rica que esta pasando gente!! ?? haha lo peor de todo es que estoy pensando en traducirlo todo a ruso por que (tambien se ruso) ((masomenos)) me callare ahora. chau. 
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