On the run.

the room is pink I KNOW! haha this dress is really vintage i put "me" cause i kind of modified it but i didnt make ot from zero besides the label i think doesnt exist anymore and i just didnt know what to put on the brand part thingy the sweater is amazing, as you know im suffering winter and its super warm to have a good sweater cause i get really get cold and the boots are american eagle they are super old but i just love to wear them when it rains so my feet dont get wet :( hahahahahaha the net tights really surprised my dad i loved the reaction in his face when he saw me wearing them i know he was probably thinking that im a prostitute or something cause he is super old fashioned and that was what happened when girs used to wear fishnet tights in his days lol have an amazing day hope you like hype chic fan follow and follow :)  ba bye

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