My Tears Dry on their Own.

so, it was a cold day today I didn't want to leave my room but I had to =/ (for me ITS NOT SUMMER :( ) I had a birthday to go to so I put net tights i don't know why I always assume they will keep me warm hahaha I guess it's like they say out there "everything is psychological" and yeah probably yeah cause I didn't freeze like I though I would... btw I bought them in a street market here in bolivia for 3 dollars :) the socks are super old lol and the Dr. Martens are always awesome <3 the dress is Old Navy and the Jacket is Gap. the hat I bought at a second hand store.
My room is super pink as you can tell.. I'm actually not that pink (personality wise) but I don't like the sun in my face so I always keep the drapes closed and I really really like the color thats illuminates my room in the day its like this pinkish dark look its really fun and trippy anyways yeah... you can probably tell by the color of the photos, really pink ha! oh the teddy bear on my bed is called "brotherly" he's the love of my life, my boyfriend gave him to me and I cant sleep unless its there.. its weird I know but he goes EVERYWHERE with me! hope you like & will be uploading links tomorrow cause right now I want to sleep a little. Visit my http://littleballoffur3.tumblr.com/ People!!


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