Baby loves me in Leopard.

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so, My friends and I were looking for sexy club clothes, and this is what I got to put together in like.. 15 minutes haha the dress, I had never actually worn before that day its a leopard dress from "Nella's" it layed in my closet for probably a year and i actually felt reliefed I wore it atleast once, i really like it thats probably why i dont abuse it, I dont like wrecking my clothes haha LEOPARDD <3 the vest is vintage NY&CO so is the black bracelet and the crown is actually DIY I made it out of newspaper :)  when i have more time i can make a video and upload it hope you guys like :))
like i didnt use a song for the title im just going to upload the last song i enjoyed on my playlist here you go, its a classic and one of my favorites!


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