so a friend came back from the states and we just love photography so we were on a mission to get some pretty awesome pictures taken but it all turned into to this messy gum chewing wreck :) my shirt is a fan shirt from the band tool <3 and the dress or skirt iI'm wearing is vintage it cost me 3 dollars! :) the shoes are also vintage and I am so sad to tell you guys that I left this black hat on a cab and lost it I am now suffering a great loss and will be looking for more black hats now, lol hope you enjoy I'll upload the links later and hope you guys like the pics!! :)


  1. lindas fotos! q pena q no escribas casi nunca en español, aunq aqui en Bolivia talvez 1 de 1000 personas lea un blog de moda jajaj no es imposible q alguien caiga aqui, como yo :)
    saludos desde Santa Cruz!

    1. gracias! aveces escribo en espanhol pero como escribo tanto aveces me da flojera pero desde el proximo post empezare a escribir en espanhol!! :)