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hey guys new look, I know I've disappeared I simply just have been so frustrated lately I'm moving to Russia in literally a month I'm spending a lot quality time with my boyfriend everyday thinking about my trip and what clothes to take what things I need to buy and stuff and to top it off the battery in my computer died and my charger committed suicide after that so, if I ever get the chance to go on line its on my boyfriends computer and passing photos here and editing is much more complicated so yeah, anyways clothes! I found this shit thrown away in my house I simply loved it and came up with this look right away its from a vintage brand called "Way" and the shorts are "Levi's",  like it's winter here it's never really warm, everything's cold and the sun burns your face so horrible, I just didn't know when to wear it so I wore this in the afternoon to not die of cold!!! i added a billion chains and necklaces and the "Jeffrey Campbells" of course hope you guys like and follow and fan, I'll upload the links tomorrow have a good day :)


  1. Oh wow! WOWnderful!! :)

  2. Anonymous26.7.12

    really amazing look!