shoes (heart)

so I was looking for shoes all afternoon and I hyperventilated when I found these. I was looking for thick bottom shoes and heels AKA wedges and I found a few that will  definitely enter my "MUST BUY" list.. Bolivia sucks lol.. i went shopping last month looking for wedges and only found one pair and they didn't have my size I had to buy buy them in another color and style just to be satisfied.
Anyways these are the shoes i hope you guys like :) im gonna write the names of the shoes so you can also look them up and buy them if interested :)

first i found two pairs of awesome stripped wedges, horizontal and vertical stripes and i just fell in love the first thing i thought was a black T, leather jacket, beetlejuice leggings and the amazing wedges


The second i saw these thick bottom pointed lolita pink shoes i imagined them with almost everything in my closet especially black leather leggings YUMMMM


and last but not leaste my favorites these, they are soooooo CUTE! im just obsessed and I need them in my life.
I know they would go with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING they look super comfy and besides just imagine a simple top any pair of jeans and these shoes to match just adorable! I love lolita style, I mean I know I definitely wouldn't be able to work it as I wish i could to but its amazing to look at. These are jeffery campbell lolita styled shoes i found them in the store "Sarenza" so be happy to look :)

have a nice Wednesday!!! will be posting pics soon :)

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