one of those days.

somehow thursday became one the days i hated the most. today i woke up early and did some paperwork for a scholarship im applying to Russia. i was just so tired i went to my boyfriends house and slept all morning and afternoon i woke up to a rainy weather and i wanted to cry because i am wearing a dress lol and its short so yeah.. i just hope all of you had a better day than me! happy thursday! :) im not uploading anything on lookbook today cause im not in the mood, its just one of those days.

well my day just got better :) i am going to bake today some cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies so thats making me happier i love eating, i know i shouldnt because im goint to be signed in a modeling agency especially cookies they asked me to diet a little but i ust cant help myself right now lol...

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