Just nineteen, a suckers dream.


the cardigan or blazer im wearing is purple and i dont remember the fabric name right now but i simply adore it! i boght it al NY&CO abd the thick bottom shoes are my sisters


hey guys this is my new look i took it in my sisters balcony theres a blanket behind me dont ask me why i have NO IDEA. anyways this week i was trying something a little different then how i really dress and i loved it, my main inspiration duckie from pretty in pink and lookbook girls Lua P and Kendall C  oh, and Violette E i just love the way they dress anyways i hope you like it, everyweek i dress different so i dont know if im gonna stay since i started dressing like this my hypes have been going down low i dont know if im not working it or whats the problem any comments or suggestions would be cool :) happy friday


  1. Glasses of my dream!!! =)

    Welcome to my blog

    1. they cost me like two dollars at a vntage store :)