raining again...

sweater- calliope
Jeans- Lee (Vintage)
platform sandals- Sarkany
Hat- Made in Chola
accessoires- ZARA

приветики) ребят, я по- русский буду писать... но прости меня если я все плохо пишу я просто с вами хочу говорит) хаха ну все))) пока.

hey guys :) its been raining so much lately I barely want to get out of bed but I have to!! so these photos were taken in my house, cause it was the weekend and there was no way on earth I was going to go out in this weather, no sir! besides everything looks so green and pretty :) I forced my sister into taking these pics for me because she hates doing that but I can't do it alone. I struggle!!! 

I got a job as an assistant to one of Bolivias most famous fashion designers) I'm super excited and because It only lasts a month, as long as I am actually staying here and I literally will work 6 days a week so I am now going to be antisocial, but the good thing is that I'll only focus on work and my blog so yay :)

OK, lets be serious for a minute... do these pants make me look chubby?? haha I've just been in a love hate relationship with them, I'm used to wearing super tight pants or none at all that I feel like they're so loose I look 10 times my weight :( sorry I'm a girl, I worry about dumb thing like those!! but as loose as they are they're suuuuper comfy!! so you see my dilema here!

ohhh yeah :) I got a new tattoo, you would know that if you followed me on instagram, and if yo don't... then I don't really know what you're doing in my blog!! get out and look for me on instagram @venenodulce666 (YEAH... I changed it again. OK, OK. im sorry! last time, I promise) 

ohh, big news guys :( i'm going to be changing platform (wordpress) soon, so this blog will be abandoned, I'm trying to cope with it, but I'll explain the details when it's done... hope you will follow me there and to infinity and beyond :)

ok, gotta go. xoxo. 


hola chicos :) ha estado lloviendo mucho que no quiero salir de la cama pero tengo que!! entonces saque estas fotos en mi casa por que era el fin de semana y no había manera de que me saquen a la calle! no senior! aparte que todo se ve verde y lindo :) la obligue a mi hermana a sacarme estas fotos por que odia hacerlo, pero no me queda de otra por que no puedo hacerlo sola. sufro!!!

Consegui un trabajo como asistente de una de las diseñadoras de moda mas famosas en Bolivia ahorita) estoy super emocionada y solo dura un mes por que me quedo un mes acá y tengo que trabajar 6 días por semana entonces estaré mas antisocial que nunca, pero lo bueno es que solo me concentrare en mi trabajo y en mi blog! yay :)

ok, hablando enserio.. estos pantalones me hacen ver gordita??? haha solo he tenido una relación de amor y odio con ellos. estoy acostumbrada a usar pantalones super apretos o ningunos que la soltura de estos me incomoda un poco y siento que me hacen ver 10 kilos mas :( perdón, soy chica... me preocupo por cosas tontas como esas! lo bueno de o suelto es que los hacen suuuuuper cómodos... entonces ya verán mi dilema acá!

ahh siii :) tengo un nuevo tatuaje, lo sabrías si me siguieras en instagram, y si no lo haces no se que haces en mi blog! sal y buscare en instagram!!! @venenodulce666 (si, si lo volví a cambiar. perdón es la ultima vez lo prometo)

ahhh chicos, noticias grandes! cambiare de plataforma (wordpress) pronto, entonces este blog quedara abandonado. yo también trato de lidiar con eso pero es mejor y bueno les cuento detalles la siguiente espero que me sigan alla, y al infinito y mas alla! 

ok. me voy. xoxo


  1. I love your jumper 💞

    1. omg send me the link to yor blog ASAP babe <3

  2. Love this rainy day look!


  3. OOooh, the new job sounds amaaaazing, I'm so happy for you, and a little envious :D Love the outfit to death, the jeans don't make you look chubby at all, on the contrary, you look like a super model! Adore the sweater too!
    I think wordpress is much better than blogger, I want to move there too, but we'll see when and how :D
    Going to stalk you on instagram now! ^_^

  4. Did you made a mistake in the post, cause I couldn't find a @venenodulce. O_o But I found one of yours that was @venenodulce666. Is this your current instagram?

    1. omg yes, I am so gonna fix that right now! thanks <3 @venenodulce666