When a fire starts to burn.

playsuit- Vintage
heels- ZARA
bag- Chanel
Wallets- Burberry 
Lip sticks- Avon, nivea & Lip smackers

oh, there's a pair of converse there too :) I am loving the weather so much lately I mean it's chill... But a warm chill it's only cold at night so it's pretty perfect for "Autumn" type of weather lol. 
This playsuit was actually my Moms, I had to make a few fixes on the shorts because it was pretty big when I tried it on the first time but I like this look a lot, I actually paired it with a pair of soft pink converse later on (Photos on my instagram) for a more casual look.
You know that moment you realize you're in Latin America again (If you are originally from Latin America and left) when you're wearing any type of short clothing and construction man, taxi drivers and all these kinds of dudes start whistling at you and yelling "hey sweet mama come over here" and you're just really like.. "ew, I wish I was in Europe" because these types of things don't happen over there! (I heard they happens in Italy, but I don't think it's AS BAD). so anyways, I fear for my life when I wear shorts but I will have to sacrifice myself in fashions sake sometimes :) 
you have no Idea how bad I want to go to a rave or a music festival :(! thank god I have my friends near it's never boring... so follow me on Facebook & Instagram to stay tuned :) happy week.


oh, hay un par de converse por ahi también :) estoy amando el clima últimamente! es tibio pero frío.. ósea es frío en las noches y el sol te quema de dia... perfecto para "otoño" 
este "Play Suit" era de mi mama, tuve que arreglarlo un poco porque me quedaba super grande pero me gusta mucho! luego los combine con un par de converse rosados claros (photos en instagram) para un look mas casual.
ubicas ese momento cuando te das cuenta que estas en Latino Amrica de nuevo (si eres Latin@ y te vas) y usas cualquier cosa corta y los albañiles, taxistas y mas dudes te gritan "oye mami ven pa ca" y tu solo piensas "ew, quisiera volver a Europa" porque este tipo de cosas no pasan alla (bueno, escuche que si pasan en Italia pero estoy segura de que no es tan feo como ACA!!) de cualquier manera, temo por mi vida cuando salgo a la callejero tendré que sacrificarme de vez en cuando por la moda :)
no tienen idea de cuanto quiero ir a una rave o un festival de música :(! gracias a Dios tengo a mis amigos cerca asi nunca me aburro... siganme en Facebook y Instagram para mantenerse actualizados :) feliz semana.


  1. I love the playsuit! It looks really good on you. Omg, guys are like that in America too so I can totally relate with you. It's the most utterly disgusting thing ever, but like you said "sacrifice myself for fashion" lol.

    I found your blog via Chictopia and I really enjoy your outfits, they're super cute. Now I'm your new follower on here! Can't wait to see more posts ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. Amooo tus zapatos <3 le da ese toque chic al outfit!! no conocía tu blog, lo encontré gracias a la entrevista que te hizo Ruth en su blog :D Me gusta tu estilo, te sigo!