Follow me into nowhere

So I'm super excited about these photos :) i had an idea like two weeks ago about really creepy photos but my friend never had time and they came out completely different then how i actually imagined but i sort of like that haha the thing is we took these photos at like 9 pm so couldn't actually see anything and couldn't focus and they came out super blurry but i actually think thats perfect. Anyways if u can actually see the outfit you'll see the sweater is from kira plastinina the skirt is bershka and the socks are random hahaha my friend is wearing h&m pants and a topshop glasses my glasses are vintage, the hats are from a new bolivian/argentinian brand named "made in chola" you should really check it out :) the actually cost me a dollar haha so anyways i hope u enjoy :) 


  1. Very Dope! Cool
    Love it <3

  2. i love ur photography!