Chanel Pre-Fall 2013/2014 FULL Fashion Show: Metiers d'Art "Paris-Edimbo...

Today I was called shallow after posting a fashion video on my Facebook wall, I just think it's truly sad when people don't know how to appreciate Fashion. I mean they talk about paintings as if they were tested to know everything about DaVinci and Warhol, but are so shut to the idea that fashion is truly art, I think Chanel never disappointed me, every show is like walking into a fairytale, everything is so perfectly fitted inside each thing for example scenario never fails, and each garment looks like it has been part of this small story Karl is trying to tell you cannot stop but to fall in love, and the music simply catches you at first I felt like there was an execution going on and then it all turned romantic. but only in a chanel way,  a very classical and fairytale romance. but i think that is art. something you can see and make you feel feelings you can't even describe lol well, hope you enjoy it!

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  1. chic homeless style
    i love it