i'll forgive and forget before im paralyzed

ok, so i uploaded this photo to lookbook like to days ago xD i dress different everyday im just a little lazy when it comes to editing photos so i upload whenever i can.
the shirt is DIY, i took it from my boyfriends closet, he didnt even realize it but he was surprised to see it cut and wore by me though he liked it but he was in shock. anyways the skirt is from one way and the heels i got in agaci they are glaze.. hope you guy like the look :)

ohhh and i forgot!! the morning u was wearing this outfit i was walking down the street doing some horrible paper work for a scholarship in russia and this very famous bolivian model agent came by me and asked me if i wanted to model and he told me to go on monday to the agency and make a ocntract so im avery excited about that im thinking about doing a modeling book to take it to russia and continue modeling over there while i study fashion something lol not sure if design or merchandising i really wish i could be a stlist and a designer 



  1. amazing DIY on your boyfriends shirt! wouldn't of guessed. Especially the detail of the back of the top. Killer platforms! where are they from?

    1. i got the heels in agaci! thanks im really obssessed with detail so if i didnt get it perfect i would have taken another shirt! lol